Friday, 22 June 2018


In the age of E-mail and mobile communication  I still believe in power of postcard.  Postcard has not lost its importance. It costs 50paise only, cheaper than any other communication system. It reaches anywhere in country. So many villages are still not connected with road and telephone but postman knocks all doors. Just buy a postcard and write something and mail it in Lal dibba. 

Some eminent people still use to write postcard regularly for communication of their friends and followers. So many people are using only mobile and SMS but postcard has its own relevance. If somebody writes a litter in his own hand writing it makes an emotional impact on its reader. This emotional impact you cannot find in SMS of mobile. Indian government just closed 25 paise coin, but do you know a meghdoot postcard  is already available in 25paise only. You cannot send a national SMS in 25 paise but still you can write a post card to your kith and kin’s.

Eminent Gandhian and social worker still use to write more than one dozen postcard daily. He writes his advance plans to his followers. If  he write 100 postcards to his social worker friends in country, more than hundred people comes to attend any program organized by him. It is a call on postcard, it is power of postcard. Gandhi jee use to write postcard. Some political leaders also use to write postcard. I remember former congress MP Balkavi Bairagi still use to write postcard every day.  

It is not just matter of Subbarao and Balkavi Some story writers and poets also using postcard. Sometimes writing on postcard makes history. You can see some important conversation of two prominent  people on postcard. If you are not writing you are already missing it. You are missing your handwriting impact. Somebody loves your writing.  You can still write a letter to editor to a newspaper on post card. 

You can sought for your neighborhood problems on postcard. Even you can write your problems to chief minister or prime minister on postcard. New generation people can forget the power of a postcard, but postcard has its glorious history. Postal department of  India selling postcard on loss, it is just for serve people. Do you know a 50paise postcard costs more than two rupees.  But to serve common man of  India government sells postcard in just 50 paise and 25 paise only. So do write postcard, you may make history.

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(writer is a media person and social activist )

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